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  • | Kiera Moyer

    Seasons Change | So Does your Skin

    As the temperature gets lower and the air gets drier, you might notice some funky changes in your skin. Maybe you’re breaking out worse than ever before, or maybe no amount of moisturizer is enough to kick that dry, dull skin. What's the solution? View Post
  • | Mary McMahan

    3-Steps for the Perfect "Date Night" Eye

    Sometimes you want a bold eye for a night out, but don't have much time to do it - we get it! Here's an easy eye look you can recreate which only uses 3 colors that you can wear anytime of the year. View Post
  • | Kiera Moyer

    Wrinkles - Stop them Before you've Got Them

    Wrinkles- you could spend thousands of dollars trying to get rid of them, but (1) Who has that kind of money? and (2) The chemicals used in a lot of fillers are not healthy to be injecting into the skin. Solution? It’s much easier to prevent wrinkles from appearing than it is to get rid of them once they’re already there.  View Post