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  • | Kiera Moyer

    Everything you need to know about Face Masks

    Ultimately, yes, face masks do actually work! Depending on which one you pick, they can provide quick results on things like redness, inflammation, dryness, and even acne. They’re all different, and provide an array of benefits depending on the ingredients and your skin type. So, what exactly do they do? View Post
  • | Mary McMahan

    Fragrance - A Killer Scent

    That AMAZING smelling candle that exudes crisp fall day vibes? It’ll give me a mean headache. Just a few whiffs of the candle, and my head is like “Nope, no good.”... and don’t get me started on people using perfumes on airplanes… not the right place or time, Karen. View Post
  • | Mary McMahan

    Talc - A Smooth Criminal

    Currently, Talc is not banned by the FDA in cosmetics. There are no regulations put in place. Faith is put in brands to make the right decisions when creating products. Kind of scary thinking personal health is in the hands of powers creating products solely for commercial gains. View Post