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  • | Mary McMahan

    Is Taking a Bath your Cup of Tea?

    Let’s face it, as you’ve gotten older, life has gotten busier. Work days seem longer and there just never seems to be enough time to relax at the end of the day. We’re not sure if it’s the recent British weddings or the birth of Archie, but we have British fever! We’re excited to share our newest product that will make you wish you were sitting at Buckingham Palace having Afternoon Tea with the Queen. View Post
  • | Mary McMahan

    Shop the wS June Makeup Look

    It’s finally summer! Your hair gets lighter and your skin gets darker; longer, sunnier days are here! Supplement your summer glow with our curated wS June Look, which includes products to make you feel good while minimizing the amount of makeup on your face. No one wants to be wearing too much makeup during the warm weather - enjoy our thoughtful selections that will make you feel and look good without going overboard! View Post
  • | Mary McMahan

    How to Get Healthier Hair by Washing it Less

    Hate to break it to you, but chances are you’re probably washing your hair too many times, but we hear mixed opinions. One friend must wash hers every morning and another follows the every-other-day regimen. So what exactly should you be doing to keep your hair healthy and strong? Let’s talk about why 2-3 days is the way to go and how our Organic Dry Shampoo will help keep your hair fresh and beautiful on those days when a shower before work is just not going to happen. View Post