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Thank you so much for your interest in carrying our products! Please leave your contact information below with the name and location of your shop and our Marketing Director, Mary, will contact you shortly! If you have any questions about being a withSimplicity retailer, please email
Once you hear back from us, please purchase our Wholesale Kit if you want to sample products before purchasing.

*We have a zip code protection policy that we abide by, and we do not do dropshipping at this time.
Wholesale accounts are not eligible for storewide discounts, promotions, or giveaways.

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Wholesale Kit withSimplicity

Wholesale Kit



You must apply to be a retailer and have been approved before purchasing the kit. 

If you're a retailer and are wanting to sample some withSimplicity products before you place your wholesale order, this is exactly what you need to get started. Included is our Wholesale Catalogue with all available products (minus the Outbound Supply products, which are available for wholesale purchase). Choose whether you want a sample kit of our makeup, skincare or both in the drop down. You'll receive a variety of products in both sample sizes and full sizes. If you have any specific products you would like included in your pack, please specify in the notes section at checkout and we will try our hardest to include that in your kit!


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  • We are excited to now offer "Testers" for our retailers. Orders must meet the following conditions to receive free tester products:
            - To receive a tester of a product for free, you must purchase a minimum of 6 units of that item
            - For foundation shade testers, you must order a minimum of 6 of ONE shade to receive a tester for that specific shade. To receive free testers for all shades, you must order 6 of each shade. 


Product Sample Packets - withSimplicity LLC

Product Sample Packets



You must apply to be a retailer and have been approved before purchasing sample packets. 

If you're a retailer and want sample packets to share with your customers, we are now offering pre-made samples of our most popular skincare and body products.

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