Beauty with a Mission.

withSimplicity was founded on faith-based values. One of our core missions it to share the importance of spreading kindness and love to all. We believe we can’t serve others to the best of our ability until, individually, we are our best selves.

We are also strong believers in ingredient knowledge. In a market where products are “green-washed” and promoted to be “natural”, we stand by our ingredients. We don’t believe a product is truly natural or clean unless each of its ingredients is.

This is where the name “withSimplicity” comes in. We believe finding products that are healthy for you should be simple - no gimmicks, no hidden ingredients, no confusing product names.

We keep it simple so that you can live your healthiest and most beautiful life.

why our ingredients are different

Clean Ingredient Advocates.

We only use the finest, ethically-sourced ingredients in our products. Our Production Team works hard to ensure that all our ingredients come from natural, plant-based sources. 

withSimplicity products are free of parabens, bismuth, fillers, pthalates, sulfates, and artificial colorants and fragrances. We want you to have the cleanest, more pure beauty routine possible!

For scents, we only use Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils.

wS is also proud to be Cruelty-Free and Vegan!

Ingredient Glossary

mother. business woman. clean beauty advocate.

What started out as a hobby turned into a flourishing business for Irina Dovganetskiy.

Irina started by making body scrubs, creams, and lip balms in her kitchen shortly after giving birth to her third child in 2014. She wanted to create products that weren’t only safe for her to use, but were safe to use around her child as well while holding, nursing, and taking care of him.

The first withSimplicity storefront opened in an airstream a year after beginning in Irina’s kitchen. Just a year later, we moved into our current storefront in downtown Harrisonburg, which also houses our production facility and offices.

In addition to being a business owner, Irina is also a full-time mom! Her days consist of running around with the kids, working on production, and making sure everything is going well at the shop.

meet the team
Irina Dovganetskiy


product mastermind

Favorite Products: Face Wash, Cool & Refreshing Toner, and Pro Age Serum
Born: Krymsk, Russia | Raised: Cleveland, Ohio
True Hometown: Harrisonburg, VA
Favorite TV Shows: Shark Tank & The Profit
Food she can't live without: Coffee


marketing magician

Favorite Products: Lipstick in Passion Red, Eye Makeup Remover, Liquid Foundation
Hometown: Harrisonburg, VA
Favorite Movies: Leap Year & The Greatest Showman
Food she can't live without: Peanut Butter


formula mixer

Favorite Products: Micro Cleanser & Mask, Under Eye Elixir, Brow Powder
Hometown: Strasburg, VA
Favorite Movie: 10 Things I  Hate About You
Food she can't live without: Sweet Potatoes & Ice Cream


boxing expert

Favorite Products: Botanical Mascara, Tri-Stick in Malibu, Under Eye Elixir
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Favorite TV Show: Parenthood
Food she can't live without: Dark Chocolate

Irina Dovganetskiy


label boss

Favorite Products: Acne Prone Face Wash,
Charcoal Konjac Face Sponge,
Pro-Age Face Serum
Born in: Detmold, Germany
Favorite TV Shows: Friends
Food she can't live without: Snickers Bar Ice Cream


color genius

Favorite Products: Acne Prone Face Wash,
Pro-Age Face Serum, Mineral Pressed Bronzer - Natural Glow
Hometown: Endicott, Washington
Favorite Movie: Emma
Food she can't live without: Any Kind of Berry


mary's sidekick

Favorite Products: Konjac Sponge,
Organic Liquid Foundation, Lip Repair Lip Balm
Hometown: Exeter, NH
Favorite TV Shows: Parks & Recreation & The Bachelor
Food she can't live without: Popcorn


shade matcher

Favorite Products: Rose Hip Lip Gloss, Champagne Luminizer, Hydrating Mist
Hometown: Harrisonburg, VA
Favorite Movies: Why Him? & Clueless
Food she can't live without: Pineapple &
Dark Chocolate


number cruncher

Favorite Products: Foaming Normal/Combo Face Wash, Organic Liquid Foundation, Plum Lipstick
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Favorite Movie: Anne of Green Gables
Food she can't live without: Popcorn

Irina Dovganetskiy


soap goddess

Favorite Products: Face Jelly, Clay Mask, Tri-Stick in Valencia, Botanical Mascara
Hometown: Belarus
Favorite Movie: Pride & Prejudice
Food she can't live without: Almonds

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