Welcome to withSimplicity, where you can find natural and organic beauty and skincare products that are safe for not only you, but also your family.

II founded withSimplicity in January 2015, creating products for people who are looking for safe, sustainable, and effective alternatives for their beauty and skincare routines. I was hesitant about using products with toxins and other harmful chemicals around my newborn and knew there had to be safer products. What started as a hobby turned into a flourishing business.

Our products are free of artificial fragrances, colorants, parabens, bismuth, fillers, gluten, and toxins. Along with that, they are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and contain therapeutic grade essential oils. We stand by our products, and are thankful that our customers do as well!




Irina is the creator of withSimplicity. She is always running around doing SOMETHING, but her main tasks include product development and overseeing the store. However, she loves getting up front and talking to customers and giving them makeovers! Her favorite withSimplicity products are the Pro-Age Serum, Face and Makeup Remover, and the Face Wash. While she obviously loves withSimplicity makeup, she is a firm believer it starts with the skin! Irina double-cleanses, meaning she cleanses her skin with her oil-based products (face and makeup remover) and then goes to the water-based products (face wash). Outside of withSimplicity, Irina is super passionate about cooking and her family. She grew up in Russia until she was 12 and then moved to the United States with her family.
She also has a great eye for design and decorating! She loves making her house, food, and products perfectly staged and beautiful. Fun Fact: She used to bake wedding cakes! Last but not least, her favorite part about working at withSimplicity are her girls. Irina doesn't know how she got blessed with such uniquely different yet completely compatible employees. She believes that we all make such a great team, and makes it so much more enjoyable for her to come to work every day.


Production Manager

Lindsay helps with the creation of current and future products, while making sure everything is done on schedule. She also neatly packages up every online order that is sent out from our shop! Lindsay loves using the acne prone toner to prepare her skin for moisturizer or to refresh her skin throughout the day (she doesn't mind the beautiful smell either). Lindsay is passionate about nature, and believes that God has provided us with everything that we need through His creation of it. She loves being able to explore that and share it with others through withSimplicity. On her days off of wS, she works at a small flower farm! Besides sharing her love of nature with customers, her favorite part about working at withSimplicity is working with the other amazing, upbeat girls!


Marketing Director

Mary is behind the scenes running our social media, making sure our website is up and running, and brainstorming new ideas to share the importance of organic beauty with women (and men!) all ages! Mary's favorite withSimplicity product is our Organic Lipstick in the shade Passion Red! She loves a bold lip! Outside of her 9-5 life, Mary spends a lot of time with family and friends, meeting with her Graphic Design clients (she's on the work-grind 24/7!), and playing the piano (she's obsessed with songs from The Greatest Showman). Mary's favorite parts about working at withSimplicity are being able to make women feel beautiful through the power of wS products and working on a team of caring, strong, and beautiful women!


Production Assistant

Jenna is an extreme help to the withSimplicity team, as she is an integral part of production, shipping, and Outbound Supply, our men's line. Her favorite withSimplicity products are the Liquid foundation (smells SO good and evens out skin tone), Under Eye Elixir (a MUST HAVE for a tired mom of 4), Face Jelly (glides on smoothly and leaves skin so soft), and the Outbound Supply Early Riser Soap. Jenna has been married for 15 years to Outbound Supply Co-Owner, Dusty, and has 4 sweet kiddos. She is extremely passionate about her beautiful family, her faith in God, and encouraging others. When she isn’t at withSimplicity or being a super mom, Jenna loves to read, bake, watch movies with her family, spend quality time with friends, volunteer for her church, and go to the beach. Jenna believes that whether you’re a customer or a team member, when you walk into the withSimplicity doors, she and other women are able to be who they were created to be; confident in their beauty, inside and out, and worthy of being loved. 


Sales Associate

Sarah is one of the main faces up front helping customers and giving makeovers. She's been dreaming of working with Irina and the team at withSimplicity for a while, and it finally came true! Sara loves trying new makeup looks and giving customers a boost of confidence by giving makeovers. Outside of work, Sarah likes to visit theme parks with friends, explore random cities, and have lots of bonfire nights. Oh, and did we mention she can speak German and Russian? 


Sales Associate

Claire is one our our lovely faces up front greeting customer and answering skincare and makeup questions! Why does this full-time teacher love working here after a long day at school? She loves educating people about more natural ways to take care of their bodies. Claire loves watching customers' faces light up when they find the perfect product or foundation shade! Claire first started her wS journey a few years ago when she bought the acne prone face wash and konjac sponge. She loves how it makes her sensitive skin feel clean without being too harsh. She is also obsessed with the durability of our 15-Free Nail Polishes. Claire has a lot of favorites (Enneagram #7)- so stop by and see what her new favorite is each day! When she's not here at wS, Claire is teaching middle schoolers how to communicate, looking for cheap flights to the west coast (where her family lives), and cooking fun, new recipes! 


Soap Maker