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  • Which Body Scrub/Body Cream Duo is Right for You?

    While choosing to use a Body Scrub & Body Cream is a simple choice, choosing WHICH one is right for you is a whole other ball game. Here is your quick guide to our 5 Scented Body Scrubs & Creams and the benefits of their primary essential oils:
  • Girl, Clean your Makeup Brushes

    Lately, we’ve been using our Charcoal Face Bar to clean our brushes, and we’re OBSESSED. It’s quick, easy, and we know our brushes are getting squeaky clean! Follow these simple steps to revive your dirty, bacterial-filled brushes!

  • 4 Reasons why Men need our Skincare

    Let’s talk about MEN! Bacteria, dirt, environmental particles, and viruses end up on faces regardless of gender. This is why it's so important for EVERYONE to have a solid skincare routine... here are 4 reasons why there's no excuse not to wash his face.