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Book an event for your party, bridal shower, corporate gathering, friends, or birthday party.

Create your Own Event

We love having events here at withSimplicity! By offering up our space to those in the community for workshops, bars, and other DIY events, we are able to thank the customers we love so much by allowing them to make their very own creations!

If you are a club, organization, company, or group of friends that wants to book an event here at our shop, or you want us to travel to you, please read our pricings below and contact us for more information:

*Note: Costs range for the product and amount of people attending. Generally, it will be between $10-$35 per person. This also include light snacks and beverages.
You may also feel free to bring your own food and drinks!


Create your very own Lip Balm, Lip Scrub, or Lip Tint! We provide the butters, essential oils, colorings, and containers, and all you have to bring is some creativity! You will leave with between 2-3 of each lip product. If your group would like to create more than one lip product, for example, a lip balm and a lip scrub, we will provide you with a discounted price.


Imagine your perfect shade of lipstick, then imagine you MAKING IT. We will guide you through how to make a lipstick with natural butters and mica, and you will be able to walk away with three beautiful shades of your own. This class will cost $35 per person.

Body Scrub

Create your own body scrub using natural salts, essential oils, herbs, and mica. Body scrubs are great for exfoliating dead and dry skin, and can be used as a body cleanser instead of soap.

Bath SalTS

Bath salts have several benefits, and make for a soothing, relaxing, and therapeutic bath experience. Mix together your own perfect concoction of Sea salts, flower buds, and essential oils.


Body oil is a wonderful way to moisturize your skin without using heavy ingredients. Choose your perfect essential oil scent and create your very own bottle of body oil using all natural ingredients.


Making eye shadow is not only super easy, but extremely fun! Make the perfect everyday shade, or your staple "Girl's Night Out" color. You are in control! Once you make your eye shadow, we will give you an eye makeup lesson complete with eyeshadow blending, perfect eyeliner techniques, and eyelash lengthening tips. You'll walk away looking fierce with your very own shade of eyeshadow!


What a better way to spend a night with your friends than to do a facial! Enjoy a full treatment of cleansing, masks, moisturizing, and jade rolling with a face serum! We'll make sure to play some perfect music to get you in the spa-mood. Make it a girl's night and have an exclusive withSimplicity facial! We won't judge if you come in your PJ's.

Birthday Party

Whether you're turning 5 or 45, celebrate at withSimplicity! If we know how to do anything, it's how to throw a party. Use our production space to host a birthday party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, or get creative with your own celebration! We have plenty of room to dance, speakers to blast your favorite music, a projector to cast your favorite movie, and the perfect downtown location to spend it in! We would love to make your party a reality by renting our space to YOU. 

Create your own

Not seeing what you were thinking of? We love hearing new ideas! Shoot us a message and let us know what your idea is, and we would love to work with you to make it a reality.