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Essential Oils

  • | Anastasia Doughty

    Easy DIY Hand Sanitizer

    Not sure if you've heard, but there's a Hand Sanitizer shortage all over the country due to the growing concerns and spread of COVD-19 (Coronavirus). Here is a DIY Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer that you can make with simple ingredients in the comfort of your own home: View Post
  • | Mary McMahan

    Fragrance - A Killer Scent

    That AMAZING smelling candle that exudes crisp fall day vibes? It’ll give me a mean headache. Just a few whiffs of the candle, and my head is like “Nope, no good.”... and don’t get me started on people using perfumes on airplanes… not the right place or time, Karen. View Post
  • | Faith Woodward

    All Natural Bug Spray Recipe

    Take this summer on with our all natural bug spray blends! Made with therapeutic grade essential oils. Easy enough for you to do at home, and safe enough to use around young children! View Post